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Canola Tenderfoot - Hy-Brasil (DL)

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Way back in the mists of time at the turn of the century, before the creation of Slime Recordings, we were introduced to the music of a band called Canola Tenderfoot. The duo – husband and wife Owen and Vik Shirley – created sublime soundscapes that were complemented by Vik’s breathless vocal delivery. In 2007 their debut album “Winning Is For Losers” was released on Malicious Damage and it’s fair to say the sound of that album directly influenced the formation of our own little imprint, and the melodic aesthetic that we continue to champion to this day.

In the early days of the label we made a commitment to the band that if at any stage they were ready to release more music, we’d love for them to become a part of our family. That commitment has been carried through to this year, where we are proud to announce the release of their sophomore effort ‘Hy-Brasil’, a truly beautiful set of songs that will soothe your soul.

‘Hy-Brasil’ refers to a phantom island which was said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Ireland. An expedition to find the island was once launched from the band's hometown of Bristol. The band felt a connection to this journey - setting out to unknown territories when making the record. The ethereal nature of memory and time that permeates this myth runs through the album, played out in plaintive melodies and melancholy voices.

The album opens submerged in the echoes of the past, as hazy rhythms entwine laconic vocals to create a hypnotic effect on the listener. Layers of melody unfurl across minimal percussion before blossoming into an overwhelming wall of sound. With each track the album progresses into stranger, darker territories before your mental moorings finally break and leave you afloat in a blissful ocean of sound. Canola Tenderfoot’s sound is as timeless as the myths they embrace – a hidden gem suffused with a grace and eloquence that is something to be treasured.


01.Setting Sail For Hy-Brasil
02.Eleanor's Elegy
05.I'm Not Sinking
07.Semper Victrix
08.Rebel Angel
10.Lock Out
11.No Pasaran!

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